**SOLD**Neros Knight Simon

Simon is a 16.1 h 11 year old Freisian Sport Horse. He has evented to training level, shown in dressage to 2nd level, fox hunted first and second flights in both live and drag hunts, and is certified in police training, crowd control, and anti terrorism training. He is awesome! He is beautifully trained, is light to the aids, and is supple and smooth to ride. He jumps everything you point him at every time. He is also a gorgeous horse with lovely barn manners and a cheerful personality. No vices, perfect in the trailer. No history of lameness or injury. Sadly for sale due to his owner's illness. $30K.

Update: Congratulations to his new owners on the purchase of this lovely horse!


Kingston is a 10 year old, 14.1 1/2" h mustang gelding. He can be used for english and western riding, and he also drives! He is green for his age since he has mainly been a family pet, but is willing and easy to train. No buck or rear, no vices. He is a clean slate without behavioral issues. Could go to any discipline and would be a good project for a YR or an educated amateur. No history of injury or illness. $4500.