"I spent my childhood riding in Groton, Massachusetts. I took care of my ponies at home and spent my time galloping around in the woods and poaching XC jumps at the Groton Fairgrounds and Shepley Hill Farm. I was a member of Groton Pony Club and went to rallies in all disciplines, eventually graduating with my A rating. My first teacher was Betsey Reeves, and I went on to be a working student for Suzi Gornall, and Henry, Janet and Gerry Schurink. I enjoyed eventing throughout Area 1 and helping to run the events at Shepley Hill and Doornhof.

During high school I did not have my own horses but I spent my summers as a working student at Doornhof Farm and then as a groom and rider for the USET 4-in-hand combined driving team driven by Bill Long. We competed at the 1986 World Championships in Ascot, England, at the 1988 World Championships in Apeldoorn, Holland, and at the test event for the first WEG in Stockholm, Sweden.

After high school I did my gap year in Germany where I worked and rode at Klosterhof Medingen as an apprentice rider for the 100-day Stallion Test and Trakehner Auctions. My mentor there was Elmar Lesch, who was a big influence on my riding and is now a four star rider and the operator of the Top Eventers Auction in Germany. Then I moved to an eventing barn where I was a working student for Hans Meltzer, current Chef of the German Team.

After my year in Germany headed home to live up to my end of a bargain with my parents: college. No more horses. I graduated Cum Laude from Brown University in 1993.

A few years later the world of eventing and riding pulled me back in. I spent a few years working and teaching full time for Jayne Marino at Mistover, LLC in Pawling, NY. Jayne finally gave me a kick in the pants to get out on my own (which was much appreciated), and I went on to teach in the Millbrook, NY area and then in Sherborn, MA. 

I started taking clients to Ocala, FL for the winters back in 2002. We enjoyed great instruction from Buck Davidson and Jon Holling and were inspired by the high caliber of riding and competition in the area. In 2012 I made the move to Florida permanent, and today I have my dream farm and am working harder than ever to reach my goal of riding at the four star level."

Jeanie and Almost Impervious 1985

Jeanie and Shadow 1980

Jeanie and Bouncy 1972